Asbestos Surveys

The asbestos survey is an essential part of the management of any suspected asbestos materials within buildings. However, it is essential that this is supported by an initial review to determine the need and extent for any asbestos survey. Not all properties need surveying, but all commercial properties and common parts of dwellings will need an asbestos management plan. Where asbestos materials are found, we are able to prioritise the risk and recommend appropriate actions where necessary. By using a carefully designed survey structure and logically selected criteria, the end result will be reliable data. This data can then be used for the projection of forward maintenance costs, management processes, or the development of asbestos remediation programmes. We are completely independent from asbestos removal companies and hence our advice will be based upon the needs of you the client, not the desire to remove the asbestos for commercial gain. For more information on Asbestos see

We will

  • Determine whether there is asbestos present
  • If so, our report will highlight where these areas are and the extent of discovery
  • Advise on the risk posed / what type / description of asbestos is encountered
  • Provide recommendations to ensure that areas of concern are made safe and that all remaining asbestos is safely managed

Our Full Asbestos Management Survey reports includes:

  • Executive summary of findings and recommendations
  • Detailed explanations of methodologies and management options
  • Risk evaluations, survey data sheets and photos identifying sampled materials, analysis results and recommendations
  • Site plan of sample locations
  • Asbestos register

Capability Statement

BDC Limited surveyors attended training to achieve the international qualification IP-402 for “Surveying & Sampling Strategies for Asbestos in Buildings”. This is the first independent training course to be made available in NZ as a formal qualification for asbestos surveying. It is administered by the world-renowned British Occupational Hygiene Society. Our Asbestos Management Surveys are carried out in accordance with the best practice guidance of WorkSafe NZ and the British Occupational Hygiene Society.

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